Dekard architectural light fitting

My Made in GB product for this Monday is the Dekard from the Light Corporation:

This architectural light fitting is primarily designed to provide a subtle wash across floors and steps.  What I like about it compared to a lot of other products of this ilk is that the LED is tilted inside the fitting by 20° so that it really does wash across a floor or steps.  Fittings with a vertically placed LED are more likely to miss what you’re aiming to wash – particularly if they are installed too high above the surface.  But, what I also like is this tilt also gives a degree of anti-glare protection.  Finally, because they are held in raw stock in the UK they can be painted or plated to a wide variety of finishes in 2-3 weeks, including the very useful option of painting to spec.


Here’s a couple of examples of where I’ve used them –

Wet room shower
In the first one I’ve actually used it as an uplight to highlight a barrel-vaulted ceiling in a large walk-in shower cubicle
Bath on steps
Here they’re acting as floor washers but also highlight the curved shaped of the steps from the Master Bedroom

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