Recently I was tasked with finding 4 wall lights to go on the side walls of a pair of dormer windows to light a pair of window seats. The wall space was a small triangle and the width of the windows seats wasn’t huge so they needed to have a very short projection and the dormer construction didn’t easily allow for anything recessed.  In fact, they pretty much needed to blend in when not being used.

I love my solution which is a highly adjustable architectural wall light.  It is white powder coated to blend into the painted wall, is just 12cm square and folds down to just 6cm deep.  It tilts out up to 75 degrees for when then want to read and turns through 360 degrees which means they can even use it to softly uplight the dormers if they want to.  They have a built-in extra warm white 2.1W LED which is bright enough to do all the jobs asked of it.

Bedroom adjustable wall lights Adjustable wall light

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