The Sento range from Occhio

My fave this week is actually a series of faves as it’s a capsule range of elegant, simple and highly architectural ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps that work just as well when you use just one of the range as it does if you take everything from it:

Ensuite washbasin   Dining room lighting

What I love about the Sento range from Occhio is its amazing flexibility from having a choice of finishes for the light fittings, through highly directable single or double-sided heads, to a wide range of lenses and filters that allow me to get exactly the lighting effects that I want.  The clip in lens and filter system allows me to choose from a variety of different beam widths, a couple of different colours of white light, hard or softly diffused beam edges and with some of the lenses to also add in colour filters.  And, as all of these are separate parts they can be changed at a later date, if required.  The Sento range can be linked into lighting controls or for clients who don’t want to go to this extent there are clever built-in infrared touchless dimmers and a proprietary control system available.

In the UK the range is only available through a small selection of companies trained on the Occhio product ranges so please contact me on 01525 382682 if you’d like more information.

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