Rako scene setting lighting controls system

This week’s Made in GB Monday is a complete range rather than a single product.  The Rako scene setting lighting controls system allow lighting circuits to be conveniently grouped together into preset “scenes” that can be controlled by the simple touch of a button on wall control panels and a myriad of other devices such as hand-held remote controls, by a Passive Infrared detectors (PIR) or even with an app on smart phones or tablets.

As a Lighting Consultant I may specify multiple circuits in some rooms to provide for the different uses and atmospheres that may be required by my clients.  For example, in the kitchen area of an open plan kitchen/diner/TV bright lighting is usually needed in the kitchen area for cooking but also a very subtle background lighting may be required to be able to relax in the TV watching area after dinner without the distraction of bright kitchen lighting behind them.  As open plan spaces also often have multiple access points, panels of normal light switches or rotary wall dimmers can get very large and complicated to control the lighting throughout the area.  A Rako wall panel is the same size as a single or double standard light switch but can contain up to 10 discrete buttons that can have many different functions, such as controlling pre-programmed scenes, single circuits, lights in other rooms or dimming scenes down amongst other things.

Whilst scene setting lighting controls are not exactly a new thing and Rako were certainly not the first on the market, they are very unusual in being a highly flexible range that is designed in Kent and manufactured and supported from the UK and for providing wireless and wired products that suit retrofitting as well as planning from scratch.

Rako lighting controls Lighting control unit Lighting controls switch panel

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