My fave this Friday is an entire type of light – the “snake arm” LED reading light:

Snake arm LED reading light Snake arm bedside wall reading light  Bedside wall snake arm reading light

These bedside reading lights have many attributes:

  • They don’t take up space on bedside tables like table lamps do.
  • They can easily be adjusted so that they cover what you are reading if sitting up or lying down.
  • The LED reading arm part on illuminates the pages of books so that one person can read whilst the other sleeps.
  • The LEDs create very little heat so they are comfortable to sit close to AND won’t be a burn risk in kid’s rooms.
  • The second and third type create ambient lighting in the bedroom as well as providing useful task lighting for reading.

If you’d like more information on the three examples of reading lights above or want other examples along these lines please call us on 01525 382682.  If there’s anyone that you think would benefit from this information, please share away!

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