Surface mounted LED

My fave this Friday isn’t the latest thing to come out but it is very clever.  I remember being fascinated by it when I first saw it at a trade fair.  The Trick from iGuzzini projects strong, narrow strips of light from itself creating an effect that only a recessed profile with LED ribbon in it had been able to produce before it.  EXCEPT, the trick is surface mounted so can be used in locations where there is no possibility of a recess.  It can be used in multiples to cast patterns or on its own to create a simple frame or light to feature an alcove, an archway or in deep door frames.

Surface mounted LED light Strips of light on walls and ceiling

My sample has been wired up to a plug so that I can demonstrate it and it could easily be left that way so it can be moved around a home to highlight different areas.  Now if only I could get it back from a client who has got in on approval in his home… Contact me for a demonstration on 01525 382682 and I’ll have a good excuse to get it back!

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