Pillar Lite from Hunza

My Fave this Friday is the Pillar Lite from Hunza – the original but often emulated up and down lighting exterior wall light:

Pillar light from Hunza Up and down light Up and down Pillar light from Hunza

It’s got many admirers, but I’ve not found any so far that can match the whole spec.


  • May not have the IP66 water-tightness rating (kind of important when they are used outside!) so end up leaking and filling up with water.
  • May only come in 304 stainless steel or a copper alloy instead of being milled from a solid bar of 316 marine grade stainless steel or solid copper.
  • May only be available in black painted onto some kind of base metal instead of black, bronze, green, silver or white UV stable powder coating onto 10mm thick aluminium so don’t suit the colour scheme of my project.
  • Rarely come with the anti-glare hexagonal louvre or glare guard attachments so they will create unpleasant or dangerous glare.
  • May not have 10mm thick shatter resistant glass lenses with a lifetime warranty so the lenses keep cracking from the heat of the lamps (bulbs).
  • May be a few pounds or a lot of pounds cheaper but only have a 1 year warranty instead of 5 years (powder coated aluminium) or 10 years (stainless steel and copper) so their cost per year is much higher.
  • Are often only rated for use outdoors so I can’t use them indoors where they make great architectural lights.
  • May be stubby and short or long and skinny instead of a great proportion.

They just don’t create quite the same effect as the original and the best:

Large house showing lighting Large house showing internal and external lighting Large house showing lighting

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