Random pendant light from Moooi

My fave this Friday is the iconic Random pendant from Moooi designed by Bertjan Pot 15 years ago:

Random pendant light from MoooiRandom pendant light from Moooi

The Random is made by a yarn drenched in resin wound randomly around a beach ball.  Once the resin has set the ball is deflated and removed through a hole in the top near the suspension set:

Random pendant light from Moooi

To me the Random has a feeling of softness, lightness and airiness – taking up space without obscuring views.  In enclosed areas it creates an interesting and completely “random” light spill pattern on the walls, ceiling and floors around it.  With a skilled interior design scheme,  it can work equally as well in a traditional scheme as a modern one.

It comes in black and white finishes (although I have only specified the white so far) and in 3 sizes from a modest 50cm diameter to a substantial 105cm diameter.  One of the things that I love about the Random is the 105cm version creates an impact in a large space, such as a double height hall, for a relatively small amount of money (£1,600.00 or so).  It’s as great a solution for the Interior Designer’s staging budget on a speculative build as it is in a private home.

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