Smoked light shades

A few of the trends that I’ve recently been writing about have been around for some time.  This week’s Tuesday trend is a little bit newer and may or may not last as long as some of the others – smoked and translucent coloured glass and acrylic shades.  Some of the smoked and translucent look is part of the very popular Skandi trend as huge numbers of us fall in love with Skandi-crime, the Nordic Diet, the Hygge lifestyle, etc.:

Smoked light shade Smoked light shades


Whilst others are more to do with the industrial, handmade and artisan trends:

Smoked glass light shadependant light bulbs

What I like about them is they tend to provide a slightly more subtle light effect than clear glass and they can shield the light source a little in comparison with totally clear glass.  They tend to so this without casting a coloured light into rooms which could create unpleasant or unhelpful colour mixing with their surroundings.

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