Beautiful lighting with a copper finish

Without a doubt one of the biggest lighting trends of the last few years has been lights made from or finished to look like copper.  The product designer Tom Dixon is usually credited for setting this trend and his ranges, such as Copper Round (in its various diameters) were the first new designs that I remember seeing in a long time.  Before that copper finishes were relatively rare, particularly if you wanted a contemporary shape – a shame because it adds warmth to a design scheme.

I particularly like to use copper finishes in projects where there is a lot of warm coloured wood around, such as barn conversions.  Below is an example of a barn conversion that I worked on around 10 years ago.  In an open plan area I used a copper track system that’s sadly been discontinued as I needed to create more light from just 2 cable points that due to the barn’s Grade II listed status could not be moved or added to.  Luckily, a small number of other products have replaced it since as the readily available silver or white tracks won’t have blended in anywhere near as well:

Copper track lighting in listed barn    Copper lighting track in listed barn

If you’d like lighting design advice from us on the best way to light a barn conversion or other unusual property or simply some pointers on sourcing copper lights, then please contact us on 01525 382682.

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