Plan ahead when fitting ground lighting

As a Lighting Consultant one of the things that I take responsibility for is ensuring that anything “lighting” happens in the correct order and in a timely fashion.  Ground lights are a perfect example of lighting that really needs to be planned ahead.  They often create additional expense and can slow progress down if they are a last-minute thought.  To prepare for ground lights a couple of the many things that I need to ensure is that the power cables are taken to each location and these locations need to be protected when the screed is poured.  Many ground light manufacturers produce specific burial preparation tubes which are used to mark out the locations, bring the cables in and out of, and protect the locations from being filled with screed.

However, I often find that they are on long lead times – not a stock item even if the lights are).  Planning ahead is essential so they don’t hold other parts of the project up.  Sometimes they can seem quite expensive and can be a little bit snug preventing easy second fix connection of the ground lights.  I often suggest that plastic plumbing waste pipe is used to save time and money and to help with an easy second fix.  It’s cheap, readily available, easy to cut and allows plenty of connection room.

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