Bedside Lighting

One of the main problems in the bedroom that regularly crops up when I’m designing lighting for my clients’ bedrooms is the position of bedside lighting.  It’s crucial to know what the dimensions of any beds and headboards are for a number of reasons:

  1. Any switch operated wall lights need to be close enough so that they can be reached from the bed and not so close that they get in the way when people are in bed (or even worse, stop the bed from being able to be pushed properly into place).
  2. The heights of the beds are also important to ensure that any bedside reading lights can actually cast light onto books and are not positioned too high or low.  Reading lights with flexible arms are useful particularly for those who like to read sitting up as well as lying down as they can be tweaked into the perfect position.
  3. If any wall lights are to be fixed onto the fronts of the headboards the wiring also has to be prepared so that it reaches the positions without straining the cables.
  4. If bedside pendants are being used then they look best when they hang over the centre of the bedside tables, so the width of the bed and the bedside tables determines where the cables go in the ceiling.
  5. If bedside table lamps are being used there is usually a height that looks good with the choice of bedside table and the height of the headboard.

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