Lighting Pendant Lengths

I started my lighting career in 2001 in a lighting showroom.  The number one reason for customer return requests was ceiling pendants that were too long for the places where they’d planned to put them.  I quickly learned to check with customers ordering pendants from me that they were the right length for the location.  A lot of customers insisted that they’d checked their ceiling height to make sure that they would fit.  Just as many of them admitted that it wasn’t something they’d considered but they reckoned their choice would be OK…

As there is no legal obligation to take back unwanted or unuseable items, especially if they have been installed and then taken down (yes really!), it’s something that’s really worth checking before you buy.  Locations that will be walked under can be trickier than those that will go over places like kitchen islands and dining tables.  It’s not just a matter of making sure that no one walks into them – enough space needs to be left so that people don’t feel there is something above them as they walk underneath.

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