Electrical Floor Sockets

As a lighting consultant one of the most important things that I do for my clients is ensure that things get done in the correct order and in time on site.  Some decisions have to be made very early on, such as whether floor sockets are needed.  This is especially important when combined with underfloor heating as once the pipes are laid and screeded over it’s too risky to add anything else into the floors.

In large rooms where furniture isn’t all against the walls they are essential – trailing leads from wall sockets across circulation areas is a recipe for disaster.  They are a trip hazard if left above floor coverings and in danger of being worn through if put underneath.  For safety standard wall sockets should not be used in floors – proper floor sockets aren’t plastic so will be strong and their protective flaps are designed to keep the cable and plug in place if an accident happens and the cable is pulled on:

Electrical floor socket       Electrical floor socket

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