Part L – Lighting Requirements

As a Lighting Consultant I take on the responsibility for ensuring the lighting designs and specifications I produce for my clients are compliant with the current Building Regulations, and in particular Part L of those regulations.  The current regulations require that 75% of the lighting in habitable rooms has to be energy-efficient to certain criteria.  This means infrequently accessed spaces that aren’t considered to be for habitation must be missed off when making the calculation – so storage rooms, loft storage, eaves storage, wardrobes, cupboards, garages, plant rooms, switch rooms, etc. do not count.  It’s worth mentioning that no-one can ensure that a design and specification will be compliant if they do not have a whole property under their remit as they do not have complete responsibility.

For homes, full details are available in the Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide which can be found at:

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