In this week’s blog I am returning to the main types of lighting.  Having covered what accent lighting is a few weeks ago, this week I will look at task lighting.  Task lighting homes in on a specific area of a room, boosting the light level in that area, to assist in doing something in particular – the task in hand, such as reading, paperwork, shaving, cooking.  Examples of task lighting are:

Desk lamps or floor standing reading lamps, adjustable wall mounted bedside reading lights, bedside reading lamps, or library lights:

Illuminated mirrors & cabinets:

Wash basin wall lights, above mirror shaver lights & illuminated magnifying mirrors:

Kitchen under wall cabinet lights or shelf lights:

Pendants over kitchen islands or dining tables:

Ceiling downlights placed purposefully, e.g. over a dining table or a kitchen island:

Diningroom lighting by Sam Coles Lighting

When planning the lighting in any room ask yourself what tasks will be going on in there – that will lead you towards picking the best task lighting for those jobs in hand.

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