When I am looking for focal points to highlight in rooms one of the more obvious ones is the fireplace – especially if it’s going to have a massive tele above it!  Depending on the shape and style there are plenty of ways to draw attention to a fireplace, and the chimney breast if there is one.  Here’s a few ways that I’ve used in the past:

Fireplace lighting by Sam Coles Lighting 01

In the above living room I used up and down lighting tube style wall lights to pick up on the texture of the bricks of this chimney breast.  There are also a couple of single spotlights hidden in the fireplace itself.  The two sets of lights are controlled by two separate switches so that the wall lights or the spot lights could be on just on their own.  In this photo the wood burner is being used but in the warmer weather the spotlights will provide a warm glow to the fireplace area without them needing to light the fire.

The above library has a feature fire surround and mantelpiece which are highlighted by mini groundlights.

The above living room has a very interesting internal chimney breast which is being highlighted from a suspended lighting track.  This is in a listed cottage where I had to light the whole room from one existing wiring point.

If you know of anyone who needs ideas or a hand with creating a feature fireplace please pass this blog on to them.

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