I often get asked by clients about whether they should have coloured LED or LED colour changing lights in their homes or not. I must admit that I have a very strong opinion on this subject!

Firstly, I discuss with them that for coloured light to work its best it must be cast against a white background – if it’s not then they can end up with some horrible muddy colours that are created by the coloured light mixing with the coloured background.

Then we look at the image that they want to portray in the various rooms of the house, which can vary wildly. This helps them concentrate on where they feel it’s appropriate and where it’s not. In my opinion, if they don’t want their home looking like a “Cinderella Rockefella” on a Saturday night then it’s best left to the more “fun” spaces of the house, like:

• Kid’s bedrooms
• Family and playrooms
• Home cinemas
• Games rooms
• Bar areas
• Swimming pools

Swimming pool lighting

Swimming pool lighting

Swimming pool lighting

However, there are many who believe in the power of colour to change our mood and regulate our feelings of well-being, so colour changing light can also be worth introducing into:

• Spa areas and treatment rooms
• Showers and steam showers
• Sauna and steam rooms
• Gyms
• Bathrooms

Bathroom with coloured lighting

Where would you add coloured light in your scheme?


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