Specialist Lighting Design for this Georgian farmhouse

We were delighted to be recommended by the interior designers on this exciting project as they felt it needed specialist lighting design. This was a complete refurbishment of a lovely Georgian farmhouse including converting barns at the rear into additional living accomodation.

An unusual ceiling construction was discovered part way through the project. The ceiling and the floor above were constructed from lathe and plaster but, unexpectedly, there was also a highly unusual thin layer of concrete behind the lathe and plaster. This created problems when fitting recessed floor and ceiling lights. Fortunately as we were not only handling the entire lighting design including drawings and specification, but assisting throughout the whole proces, we were on site and could react quickly to suggest solutions and amend the drawings.

A small Rako wireless lighting control system was installed for the convenience of easily controlling the lights in a multi-purpose open plan living space having multiple access points.

As you can see below, this traditional farm house is now a beautiful, cozy family home.

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