Lighting Design for this Buckinghamshire family home

This Buckinghamshire family home was purchased for its early 20th century looks but was never going to be large enough for the family nor allow them to have the open plan lifestyle that they wanted. Without moving in they found an architect who designed an oak-framed extension for the back of the house that retained the early 20th century looks from the front, more than doubled the size of the house and gave them a large open plan kitchen, dining hall and sitting room at the back.

Our brief was to create an architectural and decorative lighting plan and lighting specification that tied the new in with the old so that the house felt like one. It was particularly important to our clients to subtly highlight the oak frame and the central double height dining hall which are such an integral part of their home. All architectural and decorative lighting was supplied by us. We ensured that they got full benefit from their lighting control system by designing in flexibility to their lighting scheme.

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