Kings College School

Lighting Design for multi-use assembly hall

Our brief for Kings College School was to provide a lighting design and specification and to supply the lighting for the School’s assembly hall. The existing scheme was functional and provided enough light for every day-use as an assembly hall and gym. However, the hall is regularly used in the evenings for a variety of events with parents and pupils and it was a little dark in the centre of this unusually shaped room for functions such as reading. Some of the events, such as fund raising dinners, would benefit from a bit more atmosphere but the single circuit of fluorescent lighting was not dimmable. Finally, they were seeking alternatives that were more energy efficient and required little or no maintenance

Our scheme provided for four circuits, three of which were dimmable. Dimmable energy efficient linear LED ambient lighting was supplied to the edges of the room to directly replace the fluorescent lighting. Dimmable LED up and down lights were adapted to be able to be used as up lights, down lights or both so they could be used to highlight the very unusual wooden hexagonal “lantern” over the centre of the room, wash the previously dark central area of the floor below or both. Non-dimmable double directable spotlights provided an extra circuit around the edges of the room for highlighting artwork and as an atmospheric back ground light for functions.

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