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Interior Designers

As an Interior Design professional, you know what you want from lighting in your projects. You know the style of light, the requirements and the effect you want to achieve.

However, there may be specific services that you cannot supply or that may not be cost effective to handle yourself such as:

    • Detailed lighting specifications and costings
    • Drawing up detailed lighting plans and supplying full sized copies for tradesmen
    • Ensuring lighting meets technical and legislative requirements
    • Specifying and setting up lighting control systems
    • LED selection
    • Sourcing light fittings
    • Expertise when dealing with listed buildings, timber constructions and environmental issues such as bat colonies

You can choose the decorative lighting to compliment your schemes with your eyes closed. You know that it’s well-planned architectural lighting that discretely makes everything that you do look its most fabulous. But Interior Designers tell us that their big lighting headache these days is navigating the technical minefield of LED architectural lighting. In the “good old days” of low voltage halogens a mistake in the choice of beam width meant a couple of pounds and a few minutes later problems were sorted by swapping the bulb over. These days, with integrated LEDs in so many light fittings, especially at the high-end of the market, specification mistakes can be costly and take days or even weeks to fix. And, if that’s not enough, there seems to be an ever increasing amount of building and electrical regulations to contend with.

Sam Coles Lighting specialises in working with Interior Designers to create architectural lighting designs for middle to high end residential properties. Our architectural lighting is carefully chosen from the whole of the market to suit the style of each property and the needs, aspirations and budget of each client.


Sam Coles Lighting DesignerI work with many Interior Designers on a range of projects and would love to work with you. Please take a look at some of the projects I have collaborated on below.

I can provide as little or as much as you need to suit your requirements and budget. With over 20 years in lighting, I have established personal relationships with many lighting manufacturers and suppliers throughout the UK and Europe. This makes it easier to locate the perfect light at a perfect price.

Flexibility and discretion are important when working with other professionals, I can liaise with clients on your behalf, as part of your team or completely behind the scenes – you decide.

Your reputation is crucial, if you value reliability, trust and discretion please call me today. I would love to hear from you.

Call for a chat on 01525 382682 or email me here .

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Pewter style wall light

Berkshire Family Home

Luxury Barn Interior

Luxury Barn Development

Pendant lights over Dining Room table

Derbyshire Farmhouse

“Sam consistently delivers above and beyond what is asked of her, demonstrating excellent attention to detail and making suggestions and recommendations that help to shape the projects that we collaborate on. I ask Sam to work on all of my Interior Design projects, as she is able to work to both small and larger budgets, whilst making each client feel that their project alone is the focus of her efforts.
Her professionalism and integrity are superior and I always take great pride in introducing her as a highly valued member of my team. Whether making recommendations to us about lighting pieces of furniture or adding ambiance and style to a room scheme, we can always rely on Sam to contribute with enthusiasm, sharing her extensive knowledge and putting in the extra effort to make the work special. We trust Sam and would happily recommend her services to anyone wanting an opinion on lighting for their home, garden or business.”
Partner and Interior Designer

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