Smaller Projects

Use only the services you need


Only use the services you need


Regardless of the scale of your project our Brainstorming Sessions are ideal for you if you need a bit of help with a few things, want to find out if your ideas will work, or just want some ideas and inspiration to get you started.


We begin with you providing us with information that lets us get to know a bit more about you and your project before our meeting.  For new builds and extensions, we’d like PDFs of your plans & elevations, along with any cross sections that you may have.  For refurbishments, where there are no scale plans available, you can send us photos or videos and (very) rough sketches that just show us the room dimensions.  You might be able to add these to a copy of your Estate Agent’s floor plan if one is available.


We have three ways of meeting during Brainstorming Sessions:

  1. We travel to you – this is particularly useful when there is a building to see or if you can’t spare the time to get to us.
  2. You visit us – we don’t need to travel so this cuts out our travel time and costs.
  3. We hold a virtual Skype, Zoom or telephone meetings  – these are ideal for projects that are a long distance from us as it cuts out either side’s travel time and costs.


Meetings can be recorded as audio or video or notes can be taken.


Time on site is charged at £95.00 + VAT per hour with a minimum of 1 hour charged.  Travel time to and from site is £47.50 + VAT per hour.  Both are rounded up or down to the nearest 15 minutes.


After the meeting you may require further items such as: full lighting specification including lighting design plan, a lighting controls plan, a lighting schedule showing all lights and fittings with their costs, full sized plans for your electrician or builder.   These can be quoted at our hourly rate or as a fixed price package.