Remote Service

Remote Service

Distance is no problem


We offer our complete on-site service to any clients, regardless of their location and travel distance from us. However, if you’re a long way from us, especially if you are overseas, our remote service may be more suitable for you. This service removes travel and hotel costs saving time and money. Also, a meeting is not always easy to fit into a busy schedule.


We divide our Remote services into three stages. The first two stages cover the production of your lighting design and lighting quotation specification prior to work starting on site. The other stage offers ongoing support throughout your lighting installation.


Stage One – Ideas & Designs
We discuss your project in detail, what you like, don’t like, what you hope to achieve with your lighting. We make suggestions, present ideas and show samples. We formulate a conceptual lighting and lighting controls strategy for the interior spaces. We prepare conceptual lighting plans and initial directions for the specification.


Stage Two – Prepare plans and specifications
We consolidate the lighting and lighting controls plan and prepare a detailed lamp and luminaire schedule with costs for supply of equipment. Products will be selected from the whole of the market.


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Communication has never been easier

Meetings are held “virtually” by Skype or Zoom or by telephone. At least one meeting on-site once the main structure is in place is always extremely useful. If your wi-fi or mobile signal is strong enough a virtual meeting can include a walk around site. If not, you can record a video to upload to us. We can view the video and then incorporate any queries on either side into the meeting.


Stages One and Two are usually provided as a fixed price package. Both stages are essential for us to be able to provide you with a Part L compliant design and specification and for you to have enough detail to get an accurate quotation from electrical contractors and lighting controls suppliers.


Stage Three – Installation & Commisioning
Designed to support you during the building and final commissioning phases of your project.  Stage Three services that we offer include:

– A virtual Electrical Contractor’s briefing to handle any technical or design questions prior to the start of the first fix electrics.
– Directions for performing your own lighting first fix electrics check.
– Revise the lighting design and specification, as necessary.
– Answer technical or design queries by e-mail, virtual meeting or phone that arise during this phase.
– Suggestions for setting typical lighting controls scenes.
– Produce an Operations and Maintenance (O and M) Manual.


Every project that we have undertaken is as unique as our clients.  We provide a quotation that is based on the size and complexity of your project so we need to start with you e-mailing PDFs of your plans and elevations, along with any cross sections that you may have.  For refurbishments, where there are no scale plans available, you can send us photos or videos and (very) rough sketches that just show us the room dimensions.  You might be able to add these to a copy of your Estate Agent’s floor plan if one is available.

Please complete the form on the right and include pdf files of any plans that you may have.

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Please use this form to tell us about your project. This helps us know exactly what you require and allows us to give you specific recommendations and advice. Please include any plans or drawings you have.


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